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Model Spotlight - Dimitri

Introducing Dimitri, our feature model in our second model in the Model Spotlight series! Discover the young gent behind the handsome Laramy Boys Suit images!

Born on 11th July 2004, Dimitri was 10 years old when he modeled in his first Photo Shoot with Laramy Boys Formal Wear.

Even at his young age, Dimitri was a natural behind the camera and thrived under all the attention!

His first shoot, shot by Effi Sutton Photography on April 2014, is still one of our favourite displays of the 402 Boys Suit. A classic suit done justice by Dimitri's modeling talent!

Dimitri is an avid lover of the performing arts, taking up hobbies such as:

  • Hip Hop

  • Rap Dancing

  • Dance Music

  • Making Music

He flaunts his talents 3 days a week at his local performing arts studio; ShowBiz Performing Arts Studios!

We would like to sincerely thank Dimitri for his continued support in our Laramy Boys Formal Wear brand!

Thank you for being such a prominent member of the Laramy Family!

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