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The 4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Communion Dress!

A First Holy Communion is a milestone for young girls both in their religious and family lives. By taking this step towards sanctifying their faith, the importance of this event is represented by the religious as well as the celebration with family and friends. Traditionally, young girls adorn a communion dress for their first holy communion to respect the event and show grace towards the church. Picking out the right communion dress can be a monumental task at first, but we are here to show you how to make it a fun and smooth process for you and your daughter. Keep on reading for our '4 simple steps to say yes to the perfect communion dress!'


1. Start the shopping process as soon as possible.

Communion season is held in the mid spring and into winter (March- September).

It's best to start shopping several months before the planned event to prevent the last-minute scramble commonly seen by delayed shoppers.

Encourage your daughter to try on different styles of gown to see what suits and what fabrics she likes; A-Line, full skirt, draped and flowing? Satin, tulle, lace or chiffon?

Getting the process started early also ensures you have allowed enough time to secure your chosen gown (some popular styles can sell out quite quickly!) and to organise any required alterations to the dress. Which brings us to the next step.........


2. Consider sizing

Communion dresses are sized and made a little differently to other girl’s clothing and it is common for girls to need a bit of tailoring to achieve the perfect fit.

At Laramy, we manufacture gowns in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and each gown is made with three inches of extra seam allowance. This design feature provides piece of mind as it allows for growth between the time of purchase and the event. It also allows customisation for those girls who are 'in between sizes'.

We manufacture our gowns in such a way that any professional tailor can easily complete alterations.


3. Consider any parish requirements or guidelines.

Each parish has a different measure of modesty and tradition. It's best to check if there are any particular requirements regarding attire.

For example Holy Communion gowns used to be strictly white in colour, whereas now we see the girls wearing ivory or white. Some parishes might require shoulders to be covered, others have decided that veils are no longer appropriate.

We offer all of our gowns in a choice of white or ivory colour and have a huge range of boleros, cardigans and shrugs that can be worn comfortably throughout the ceremony.


4. Accessorise your dress for a communion outfit as unique as you are.

At Laramy, we have everything you need to complete your outfit.

Our Chloe.P shoes range in style and shape to suit different gowns and comfort requirements. And of course, all have just the right amount of sparkle and embellishment to make them special.

We have lots of jacket options for different seasons and styles, ranging from feathered shrugs, fine knit cardigans, fur and satin boleros.

A small purse or bag can be a lovely keep-sake or present idea and is a cute option for carrying small items on her big day.

In our Coburg North showroom, we also offer a variety of stunning hair-pieces such as diamante halos, tiaras, floral clips and beaded/diamante combs. It's so much fun showing the girls how they might wear their hair with each style of hairpiece and giving them an idea of how the complete outfit will look on the day.


And there you have it, the 4 simple steps to choosing the perfect Communion Dress.

If you are unsure about any of these steps or are still deciding on where to start, visit us in our fully stocked Coburg North showroom to try on, browse or touch and feel any of our Chloe.P Dresses and Accessories.

Or, simply contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members and discuss any aspect of the communion dress shopping experience!

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